Coastal Tropical Sea Breezes, Whale Watching In Season !

SONG LAMBUNG BEACH HUT Ocean View Hut is the highest point on the property and has a beautiful view of the ocean. The morning views are spectacular, and some nights you can even watch the moon rise!


is the newest hotel and is located on a hillside that has a private beach is very beautiful and very unique because it is located in a stretch of hillside that has a bay and white sandy beaches and that is owned by SONG LAMBUNG BEACH HUT because some of the existing hotel on the island of Nusa Lembongan some that did not have a private beach.


still retain the authenticity and has the beauty of the area and has a very exclusive building designed using materials from the natural form of wood and put grass thatch-roofed and weeds that have a characteristic of Balinese architecture building. Song LAMBUNG BEACH HUT is suitable for families and suitable for people with honeymooners.

SONG LAMBUNG BEACH HUT-shaped bungalows and have equipment such as twin and double rooms, 1 full bathroom with hot water and cold water and has a balcony to relax and see the natural scenery and beaches are very beautiful and the rooms have two options to use air conditioning and wear fan.

Temporarily from the four buildings owned by SONG LAMBUNG BEACH HUT, has a concept of building a united and in harmony with nature so you will feel comfortable to stay because all around the hotel overgrown with tropical plants and beautiful rocks, overgrown by plants and flowers there are around our hotel.

During your stay at our hotel will be served by employees who are very friendly and helpful for you and will be treated like family.


, has a restaurant on the waterfront that has a variety of treats, especially for local seafood dishes such as snapper, shrimp, squid, crab, lobster, with a sweet chili sauce and tastes in accordance with Indonesian cuisine as well as in accordance with the tastes of the cuisine the other west.